Not Woman Enough

Over the last few months I’ve been told repeatedly that I am “Not woman enough” by a couple of people. Obviously, that’s offensive and a boldfaced lie (seeing as I am 100% female. Complete with all the respective anatomical parts which are exclusively customary to women). Now, I can have a short fuse with frustration and anger, so I don’t like to entertain lies and foolishness. I’m often quick to remove myself from matters of deliberate and blatant disrespect. When it’s clear someone is enticing me to anger, my reaction is to pursue a recess until a later time, or until I completely forgive the person and the situation. Which, by the grace of God, is not that difficult or painful anymore. It has become increasingly easier to forgive and let go of offenses. I’m thankful to God for teaching me that lesson. But I digress.

My purpose for bringing up my intolerance for disrespect is that it’s actually the reason for why I’ve been regarded as “Not woman enough”. Another reason why I’ve mentioned it is because I wanted to paint a picture of how I usually respond to remarks like that, so it can be understood why my response would not initially be the following paragraph. What’s interesting is that my mother consistently told me to respond with something along the lines of, “God bless you that you are ‘woman enough'”, or “Good for you. It must be nice knowing what it is to be ‘woman enough’.” My mother is an older, Haitian woman, so this would be a blazing comeback.

I haven’t said this, yet. And I hope I can remember it all if I ever do have to confront someone about my womanhood. Here it goes: If I am what you say, if I am “Not woman enough”, thank the Lord that He’s given me such fine examples of women who were “Woman enough”: Thank God for the faithful Sarah, the loyal Ruth, the patient and righteous Abigail. I’m grateful for the courageous Esther, Hannah, who had integrity, and Mary, who was a virtuous and obedient woman. Praise the Lord, for He has blessed me with such inspiring women to model myself after. Perhaps, if I study and pray well enough, I can someday be “woman enough”, even in your eyes, even by your standards.

By Dania Mercier

Published by Two in One of Three

Hello! This page used to be two believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, documenting our journeys. However, it's just me now, and this will be good. I believe God wants me to continue writing about my experiences, and sharing what I'm learning, as well as continue trying to win souls through the content I post here. Please enjoy!

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